Film/Camera Guide Updates.

Negative0-15-13A(1)2xxxFujicolor Pro 160S, Vivitar 220/SL

Over the rainy weekend I’ve made some long overdue updates to the camera and film guides: I’ve been using the Vivitar 220/SL quite a bit since my purchase in September so if you’re considering to purchase a Vivitar camera or a wide lens, you can read more on what I think about those two in the Camera Guide. Previously I also purchased more than 20 rolls of expired film from Lomography with piggies discount and have been having lots of fun with them: the Agfacolor Pro 200, Fujichrome Sensia 100, Fujicolor Pro 160S and Fujicolor Superia Reala 100 have all been added to the Film Guide.

P.S. The photograph above is a fake double exposure poorly manipulated in Photoshop – my partner was really excited about having a doppelgänger so I couldn’t say no! :)

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  1. All of this time, I thought the Vivitar 220/SL and Vivitar UWS are the same cause it both has wide focal ranges. You really got those 28mm going, almost all my shots using my 28mm has distortions and it is irritating the hell out of me.

    1. I’m not sure if we are talking about the same kind of distortion but I have had pictures made with this lens come back “crooked” although when I looked into the viewfinder I thought I had framed the picture correctly. Other than that, no complaints about the lens at all! :D

    1. Hahaha, that’s very kind of you to say! I’ve always been really curious of which films you use for your beautiful photographs, it’d be great if you could do up a short guide too! :D

    1. Few things are as fun as getting back photographs taken on a new roll of film, they will continue to amaze me with their differences. :) I hope you’re having a very merry Christmas, kasia.

  2. Oh, wow! Thanks for updating all your guides. I’ll definitely go and look at them now. Whenever I’m thinking about purchasing or trying something new, I always turn to you and Rhianne. :)

    1. I know you’re super busy but when you have time you need to make one of these guides! Your photographs are always inspiring, although we don’t get to see them regularly! ♥♥♥

    1. It is such a simple guide so it’s not me being generous at all… but visual guides can be rather helpful I think, I wish more people made them so I can enjoy :)

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