Children Little Museum.


The Children Little Museum is a two-storey antique museum and I have to be honest – I didn’t make it to the second floor which requires paid admission (for a nominal fee) because there was a huge group of local students visiting as well. I only had the chance to browse the ground floor and the small courtyard at the back but I really liked what I was seeing! If you’re interested in finding out what the rest of the museum has to offer, this article does a pretty great introduction.






Negative0-24-13A(1)Lomography CN 100, Canon FTb

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  1. I really love your work that’s why I have been visiting your site too often. I’ve learned so much reading the guide.,I’m a newbie in film photography so it really helped me a lot. I luckily just got a canon ftb , and it really amazed me on how well you use it. What are your iso/aperture/shutter speed setting when you do a close up shot? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hello Kelly! Thank you for such lovely words, so glad to hear that the blog has been helpful to your analog beginnings! :)

      Well I take close up shots on every film speed I use (iso doesn’t matter when it comes to taking close up shots on film); and generally I shoot at f2 or f.28 1/60 for close ups. If it’s like a super tiny flower I’m trying to focus on, wide open (lowest f your lens allows) and 1/125. Hope that helps! :)

      1. Oh Thank you for the tips Katie! I just listed that on my mini notebook :D i want you to know that looking at your works gets me so inpired <3

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