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  1. So cute! Perfect for a Hoe Down Dance! What era do you think? 50s 60s? I’m a big fan of vintage even wrote a vintage novel: The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress! I would love to see you in it too. You must be tiny! What’s the fabric? Thanks for sharing your amazing vintage score!

    1. Hello Tam! The tag says made in Japan although I have no idea what era of Japanese fashion it could have come from; the fabric is polyester which I adore in vintage clothing because they are so sturdy! :) Thank you for your introduction to your vintage novel, it looks like so much fun you must have had a blast writing it. Your blog is full of incredible vintage gems as well!

  2. This dress is beautiful, Katie! Now that you’ve shared it, you’ll have to share a photo of you wearing it sometime. I love vintage dresses–I have a few myself, but it’s always hard to find that perfect fit. More often than not, I find that the waistline is too tight. (Curse you, hips!) I’m always on the hunt, though, and am always pleased when I find something that fits beautifully.

    1. I wish we had amazing thrift stores like you do in the US, Dawn; I shopped in several when I visited the west coast some years ago and they were just fantastic! It’s also funny to note how dress fit has changed over the last few decades, I always did wonder if women from the past actually did fit well into their clothes. :)

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