Woody Burgers.


We took my sister to Woody Burgers recently (she moved to a place that is really near the restaurant) and the Lomo LC-A+ came with me as I was eager to finish up the roll with my newly purchased Splitzer. I think my biggest problem is that I want to take photographs that are close to my heart and aesthetic as opposed to being creative. I really hate the idea that using the camera makes me feel like it’s so much more work than a regular SLR and I haven’t found a way to overcome that to truly enjoy the camera. In any case, I will be packing it to go to Macau with me in December – not ready to give up on it yet, I guess!



Negative0-08-08(1)Fujichrome Sensia 100 (expired), Lomo LC-A+

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  1. I feel the same way! I can’t bear to waste the film! I also have a splitzer but I have only used it for a couple of photographs. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and force myself to use it on a cheap roll of film.

    1. Right?! The really “awful” thing is that I feel the LC-A+ likes expensive film so much more… and it’s so hard to be experimental with expensive film! Not the best combination to incorporate into daily photographs but perhaps I will do the same as you suggested, just run more cheap films through it! :D

      1. Yes! I usually feed it with slide films because I feel that it does so well with that, my SLR takes the normal photos while the LC-A takes the dramatic photos. And you are right, the LC-A only seems to take certain expensive films. I don’t think I have ever fed it with cheap negs. Maybe we should declare LC-A+ x Splitzer experimental week!

        1. My latest plan is to use the (expensive!) CT Precisa with it during our Macau trip but I will definitely run a cheap roll with the Splitzer too… let’s make it a tiny goal before the year officially ends! :D

  2. Well i gave up lc.a but sometimes i miss it because i took really great favorite photos with it along the years…
    but these are nice, i love the last one with that ray of blue in the cup :D

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