24 comments on “What We Ate in Bali.

  1. Ektar is vivid indeed, Katie! That’s what I instantly noticed too when I used it for the first time, just recently :)

    And I’m hunting for a Pentax K1000 now all because of the depth of field (and bokeh) I’ve seen from your photos!

    1. Hahaha, right?! I was blown away when I got these back – perhaps a little bit too vivid but I kinda remember real life to look exactly like this too :D

        1. One should ALWAYS be excited about traveling! In fact, I think you might even bring home a camera or two, which I’ll be insanely jealous of! :D

  2. The reds in this photos are amazing :D
    it’s lunch time over ever,but because i’m a slow one arm person i just finish breakfast but i would not mind a little bit of what’s on that plate…

    1. I wonder how the results of your report are, Sara? ♥ But I’m glad you still have your appetite, South-east Asian food is a lot of spicy, sweet and sour, which can be addictive!

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