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  1. This looks amazing! Again, I wish I’d followed your blog before I spent my month working in Singapore, so many lovely places I didn’t know about!

    1. You know, it’s funny because the fact that I get to go to a lot of cute places is because I do A LOT of research before traveling, it’s just not in my bones to be the kind of traveler that goes with the flow. I want to try to be more laidback for my upcoming trip to Macau, we’ll see how that goes. Be sure to go to Penny University, the food/coffee was really cheap (for Singapore prices) and good! ♥

  2. What a lovely little cafe :) I wish I could work there for a day with my thesis. I would stay much more inspired in a beautiful environment with delicious pastry like that!

    1. Aww, I’m sure there are equally wonderful cafes where you live, Anna? I have a dream of exploring coffee shops in Europe! :) P.S. Good luck with your thesis!

      1. Right now I live in a small town with 3000 people and there aren’t too many cafes or restaurants around. But my favorite thing about being in the city and especially NY is the abundance of cafes to work at! I love that!!

      1. i’m doomed in that department – i gained a lot of weight this year,and my doctor got me grounded and i can only eat candy in the weekends :/

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