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    1. Thank you Polly! The light was so pretty I took a couple of Mimi under that ray of light, will share soon. You have a great start to the week too! :) :) :)

    1. :D I love it when I get a roll of these everyday photographs back from the lab – usually it means I haven’t been out much but one entire roll of small moments over perhaps a month make me fall in love with film photography more than ever. :D

  1. Life lately seems relaxed :)
    Piccolo is getting really huge!
    I’m not taking that much photos of life lately in film because it’s hard to hold the camera,maybe soon*

    1. Piccolo used to be smaller than Mimi’s head but now he’s waaaaay longer and has a larger stomach. :D Please, let it be soon, Sara! I hope any treatment you’re using is helping. ♥

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