Dreamland Beach.


We didn’t stay too long at Dreamland Beach – it was excruciatingly hot and not the kind of beach you can swim in or sit by because of its dangerous shorebreak. The waves are big and really meant for surfing, mostly, but we did enjoy the beautiful cliffs (outcrops) along the coastline. Also, Dreamland is known for (contradictorily?) for its lack of crowds so if you’re looking for a quiet time, this would be it.





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    1. The beaches in Bali are quite something, considering the number of visitors, they are kept clean and beautiful. I hope you get to go one day, Polly!

    1. When we were doing our research for Bali, this one came up for being extra beautiful – all beaches are pretty great in my opinion but this one was truly gorgeous. :)

    1. Have you been to Bali or any South-east Asian countries? Thailand and Bali both have such, such beautiful beaches I completely understand why so many westerners pack up their lives and just move there. :D

      And yes, the wonders of UWS! :)

      1. 我去过泰国两次,都的去了一岛叫Koh Tao。是真的漂亮。Koh Tao’s beaches are maybe not the most beautiful in Thailand, but in my mind 三亚, 澎湖 and 台湾东海岸 score equal points :)

        That’s why I tend to not like those places. The amount of westerners and mainly how westerners behave in those places. This is one reason why I do not very often mention how I truly felt about Taiwan. I want to keep it to myself >.<

        1. You know, when we were in Bali, one the most awful things realizing that it’s not about how the westerners behave but how their behavior have shaped those of the locals. It is really quite sad.

          1. I’ll agree to that. I’m glad that I have a friend who is from Thailand. Meeting her family gave me the opportunity to really experience the country, which was something far better than just beautiful beaches.

            1. Just wanted to let you know that I was trying to leave you a comment on your blog but Disqus won’t let me. Could it be leftover breakage from the upgrade?

  1. It does look pretty dreamy there; too bad it was so hot! At least you didn’t have to battle any crowds, however. You could’ve always picked up surfing instead of swimming, right? :)

  2. I’ve finished backreading all your blogsposts. I dunno if I should be happy about it or not. Hahaha! Now, I don’t have any film photoblog reads to sleep. But wow, yey, I am updated now! Haha!

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