BW General Store / 時常在這裡.


The BW in BW General Store (時常在這裡) stands for Between – I don’t have any explanation for it but that is it. It is really more of dessert house than a coffee house, with a very small number of seats and a dessert menu that changes almost everyday. A larger part of the space showcases handmade/zakka/antiques/vintage like many, many other cafes in Taiwan but I will go as far as to tell you that the selection, picked out by its two male owners, are interestingly different from most others.

On a side note, I am very happy with how these pictures turned out (in the same way these did) despite being taken in limited natural light. The beautiful contrast from brightness to darkness that is only visible on film never ceases to amaze me.










Negative0-36-36(1)Lucky Super 200, Pentax K1000

12 comments on “BW General Store / 時常在這裡.

  1. Love the light on wood in the first photo, Katie! I’m still amazed (but more envious) at how many local coffee shops (with such character) there are in your town :)

    1. We do have a good selection of small, independent cafes here and I’m really proud of it! I’ve heard that the coffee scene is even better in Seoul – really hope to visit next year! :)

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