A Family of Four.


One of the things I really looked forward to in Malaysia was taking pictures of my uncles’ dogs – a family of four in black and yellow. I’d heard about them for years but never had a chance to visit until we decided to spend a weekend in Malaysia for my grandfather’s birthday. The dogs were so affectionate and so much fun but they wouldn’t sit still for a second so it was terribly hard trying to focus on their adorable faces!





Negative0-03-01(1)2bKodak UltraMax 400, Pentax K1000

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    1. My favorite thing about them is how their tails start wagging crazily as soon as they see you, no matter from how far away! Maia must have been so amazing to be with. :)

  1. Your uncle’s dogs truly look lovely! I think you did a wonderful job photographing them – it really must have been hard with them moving around. You seem to be so skillful at photographing pets, Katie!

    1. Aw, Polly, thank you so much! As with most people, I just play by my instinct but I suppose being patient helps! I’m not really a patient person AT ALL but photography seems to give me a bit of training. :)

  2. This Kodak Ultramax 400 is surprisingly true to life in terms of color. I never had this with mine, but probably because all I’ve tried are expired. Haha!

    1. It’s one of my go-to films, very similar to Lomography CN 400 but of course a lot cheaper. I buy a lot of Lomo CN 400 with my piggies but when I can’t afford them anymore I’ll be reverting to UltraMax 400. :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Marina! I’m really glad you are enjoying this blog. Also, thank you for your film kit purchase, it will be on its way to you shortly! :)

    1. Hi Zipporah! Thanks for visiting! ♥ I’m sorry but I don’t use metering for any of my cameras (batteries are too much of a hassle), I simply gauge according to how harsh the light source is. Generally, though, I shoot at 1/60 a lot, even for 800 speed film. These were probably shot at 1/60 too with an aperture of f2.8. Hope that helps! :)

      1. Thanks Katie!! So basically even if the film speed is 800 you might change the iso to 400 or 200 based on the lighting, so you don’t always shoot at the box speed. Sorry just double checking and I was also wondering if you develop your own film or get it developed somewhere? If you can’t tell I love your photos! haha

        1. Yes, that is correct! I almost NEVER shoot at box speed. :) I send my film to a local lab and have them developed and scanned. I have absolutely no idea how to develop my own film but hopefully will be able to take a class some day! P.S. Thank you for the love, I really appreciate it! ♥♥

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