17 comments on “Treasure Hill in Redscale.

  1. I really want to try shooting with red scale. Lot’s of your red scale shots have a very special atmosphere, like the “I want more” photo. At the moment I really need to shoot at all…

    What is the 豪想要 thing? And how to translate it? :D (想要 I do understand, but not 豪).

    1. Law school and lousy weather? :)

      The word 豪 is pronounced exactly like 好, so it is first of all a play on the sound of the characters. 豪 can mean several things: a heroic/generous spirit as in 豪氣; grand as in 豪大; bold/unconstrained as in 豪放; or even a character in someone’s (usually male) name, for example, 陳俊豪. I am not entirely sure which meaning of 豪 they were going for in this exhibit, though!

    1. I would love to purchase more, Polly, but they seem nowhere to be found in 35mm for now. Crossing my fingers that I’ll come across some! ♥

    1. I love that when paired with different cameras the tones can be so different – I never know whether my photograph will turn out pink or orange or blue or red – super fun! :D

  2. I can never get red scale to look like that! I got really dark grainy photos. I was using rolleibird film. Your photos have the perfect color and tone to them!

    1. Hi Emily! I purchased some redscaled Fujifilm Superia 400 film at a local lab previously, only because they told me that they will have the same tones as Lomography’s Redscale XR but that was so not true! Redscale XR is the only redscale film I’ve seen so far which can render blue tones so even though it is quite expensive I’ll still encourage anyone to try it! :)

  3. I miss this film so much. I do have some 120 but I haven’t braved putting it in my lubitel yet, eep. I love these though, they’re so soft and pretty.

    1. I wonder why is it they still are able to produce the 120 but not the 35mm? Although I must say that from the photographs I’ve seen the 35mm is capable of a wider range of tones than the 120. I am very excited to see what you do with this film with your Lubitel (dream camera!), I hope you find a time and place that will make you want to use it soon. ♥

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