16 comments on “Random Redscale.

  1. The red background makes that flower, in the second to last shot, look so fragile!
    The last time I used a red scale film was on a too bright day (if there can ever be in Ireland something as a too bright day…) and the results looked as coming from Hell ;)

    1. I shot that wide open if I remember correctly and it ended up giving the flower that glow (which is kinda dramatic in my opinion)! I thought it was going to be more blue than red, to be honest! :D

      When I used this film with my LC-A+ I think it gave similar results to what you described, like coming form Hell, haha! I have found that using it indoors could garner really interesting results.

    1. Thank you, Alexandria, I was hoping for blue-ish tones but instead got that angelic glow instead. Either way, I’m happy, film makes me feel that way. :)

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