17 comments on “Gardens by the Bay / Part II.

    1. Blossoming cacti are my absolutely favorites – they just look like they are miracles, you know? :) Kodak Gold 200 renders beautiful tones, I think you’ll enjoy it!

    1. The greens in these are my favorites to capture, they don’t always turn out on film as beautiful as they are in real life, unfortunately for me! I was lucky with these and I’m happy! :)

  1. I had to stare at these photos for quite some time because I can’t recall seeing them when I visited last year. How could I miss such beauty? :) Or they were planted earlier this year, perhaps?

    1. They were right at the entrance of the Flower Dome, April! I’m not sure if they changed anything but if that is the case, I was really fortunate. :)

  2. I am very suspicious to talk about cacti since i have so many ahahah!
    never enough ;)

    these are wonderful pictures,love all the details and i’m glad you took several rounds at the garden!

  3. I am yet to fall in love with cactus and succulents:-)
    These ones are quite fancy…The one in the 2nd pic looks likes it is trying to get away hehehe

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