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    1. Thank you, Steven Andrew! The Mamiya/Sekor lens has been such a dream to use, maybe you’ll score one on one of your thrifting trips! :)

    1. I am growing more fond of October these days, the weather is always the best. I do love being able to wear a light cardigan while taking walks. Yes, thumbs up to the Vivitar! :D

    1. Happy October to you, too, Anna! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the posts appearing on your phone everyday (I schedule them in batches when I have time so I can spend my days reading blogs instead, haha!). P.S. A letter will be on its way to your new address soon. ♥

  1. This Lomography CN 400 film actually looks good. Too bad Lomography films are waaaaaay out of my budget. Their films are overpriced!

    1. They are definitely not as affordable as I hope but I have always purchased them using the Lomography Piggies (lomo cash, if you will!) via writing articles so I’ve always gotten them for at least a 30% discount, if not more. You should try that too though recently their Piggies system changed and you can’t rack up discounts as large as before, which is sad news!

      1. I’ve heard about those but never tried. A friend ordered films using his Piggies but when it got to customs, the tax turned out way more expensive than the actual films. Sucks!

  2. October has been disguised as ‘thunder winter’,but when the stor stops for a bit the weather is great and i also enjoy a walk with a cardigan :)
    I hope my letter is soon to arrive,i get so worried about lost mail!

    1. No worries, Sara! I already have your wonderful letter in my hands and I can’t believe you showered me with all those lovely paper treasures (cat stamps?!!). My reply to you is ready and will go to the post office today. :) :) :)

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