Vivitar 220/SL.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard that the Vivitar SL/220 I purchased on Etsy arrived surprisingly early from the United States yesterday! The package came early afternoon which was perfect timing because I was taking Ada out for a little walk around town – and yes, sometimes I am crazy enough to bring two SLRs out. :)

As always, the test roll is mainly to make sure the camera is in complete working order and I’m happy to announce that this new addition to my humble collection did not disappoint. The camera comes with a beautiful Mamiya/Sekor 28mm f2.8 so it was such a treat to look into the wide lens and realize I don’t have to keep stepping back to try to capture more into the frame. Although it was so bright out yesterday I hadn’t had the chance to shoot wide open and fully test out the bokeh – more close up shots on the next roll, I guess!









Negative0-15-15(1)Ferrania Solaris 400 (expired), Vivitar 220/SL

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  1. It’s always so exciting with new cameras! I recently got a new one, myself (Canon EOS 300), but due to super rainy weather I have postpone the testing. Waiting sucks :c

    Love the shot from inside the bus!

    1. I love to stay indoors when it rains but not so exciting when you have a new camera to play with, huh? :) I hope the skies clear for you soon, Margrethe!

  2. The old buildings are so good…
    I’ve used only Vivitar so far . Currently i am trying a Pentax k1000(a friend’s Dad’s).
    Looks like an exchange:)

  3. Seeing these photos taken with a 28mm makes me even more excited for the lens I bought for my ae1p on eBay. Guuuhhh! I can’t waiit!!!

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