The Window.


Lately I’ve started buying roses to put at The Window even though they don’t last half as long as my daisies and carnations. These red mini carnation flowers lasted the whole of two weeks, I think, and that incredible shade of red never did fade. But I’ve been dreaming of large, pastel blooms and roses, especially the white ones, are just so beautiful to look at.

Negative0-23-11A(1)Lomography CN 800, Zenit TTL

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  1. I am terrible with plants – as much as I love them, I seem not to be able to take of them in the right way.
    I don’t know about your roses, but these carnations are really really beautiful, Katie! I love the bright red and the blue of the table – beautiful photograph!

    1. The red and blue do go well together, don’t they? Thank you, Polly, for your sweet words on the photograph. I am not all that useful in the garden but I have fun and I guess that’s all that matters? To enjoy it and just do your best even if they don’t last as long as they should… haha!

  2. My sister ordered the prettiest shade of pastel pink+white roses for a wedding. I had a hard time accepting its not mine to keep :-D
    Carnations reminds me of mothers(its a Mother’s Day flower,an aunt told me)
    That shade of red is so mesmerising!

    1. Yes, we also buy carnations for mother’s day here! :) The red came out wonderfully on this film!

      P.S. the roses at your sister’s wedding sounds divine.

      1. Well i’m a known sucker for plants :P

        I adore pink carnations especially,but it has been a while since i had them at home!
        Yesterday my ex brought White dahlias with a great pastel rose tone in the middle,will try to take pictures soon!

  3. The colors in the first one are fabulous !
    (by the way, it’s quite complicated to get to your blog through your blogger profile since the adress is in the wrong category and doesn’t leed to the blog but to another blogger page, just saying ;))

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