Tearing and Building.

Negative0-15-12A(1)Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800, Fujicolor QuickSnap Superia

Sometimes, I find the concrete jungle which is our city not only ugly, but immensely sad. They keep tearing down places we love and building those we never ask for. Recently there have been too much ruin and too many cranes up in the air.

Negative0-01-0A(1)Fujicolor 100 (expired), Konica Auto S

Negative0-02-0X(1)Kodak 800, Kodak Fun Saver

Negative0-28-26(1)Lucky Super 200, Canon FTb

14 comments on “Tearing and Building.

  1. I understand your sadness – Helsinki is also expanding in a way I do not always like.
    This series of photographs though is very powerful and interesting – a good way of documenting the changes in your city!

    1. Modernization can be such a tricky thing sometimes… I know that I’m bound to contradict my own words when it comes to city life but it just blows my mind how a piece of land, filled with houses one day, can be deconstructed into an empty space the next.

  2. It is really sad sometimes… Spain made its limited money after the dictatorship in construction. So cranes are a constant and there’s whole mini-towns in the middle of nowhere empty and still because the European crisis. Sometimes I think we are very lucky that we have so many historical buildings in Barcelona, most of them protected now because at the rate people like to tear places down all the old quartiers would be destroyed.
    But, the first one is curious though, that wall of green looks like its reclaiming something…

    1. When I first saw the scene in the first picture with my own eyes I was overwhelmed by the same sentiments, it definitely looks like nature is doing its work but humans will fight for the space with their man-made tools…

  3. Porto’s downtown is 80 per cent a ruin and nobody in power is still doing enough to recover all the buildings,it is always sad seeing stupidity happening before your eyes…

    1. And to think we never get to see those 80% through your lens, Sara. :) It’s always conflicting that it’s the people filled with stupidity and greed who get to make those decisions…

    1. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a city that only consists of old buildings at all but I do get what you mean… the level of preciousness in peoples’ heart and the amount of appreciation they show for preservation do come with scarcity.

  4. Leeds always has lots of new buildings being built too – but theres nothing in them as no one can afford them – so frustrating. Luckily they aren’t tearing down old ones but there are lots of building sites and ugly buildings now.

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