Spring Café / 春漾咖啡.


Spring Cafe (春漾咖啡)is most definitely not the kind of coffee shop I would seek to visit: it is huge and serves a big (food) menu, bordering on chain store caliber. I had popped by at least three other small independent cafes on this day and it was crowded everywhere. Venturing deeper into an alley I came upon this one and well, I really just needed a place to sit down with my book and a good cup of coffee; this place did a good job of that.




Negative0-26-24A(1)bFujifilm Superia 200, Canon FTb

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    1. Yes! It wasn’t crowded at all – which is understandable because most people visit that area for small, independent coffee shops. Thank you, Sara, I tried my best to capture as much natural light as the cafe has to offer. :)

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