Red Dot Design Museum.


I am always quite apprehensive visiting contemporary museums because I’m not really well-versed in showing appreciation for that kind of art. Fortunately, the winners of the Red Dot Awards 2012 were on exhibition when I visited Red Dot Design Museum Singapore and it’s easy for me to enjoy the Editorial/Magazines and Daily Press/Packaging Design/Typography categories. Red Dot Design Museum Taipei just opened at the end of August; I’ll need to find time to pop by soon.









Negative0-12-25A(1)2Kodak ColorPlus 200, Canon FTb

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  1. I dont think you have to be well versed to really appreciate, you will either like it or you won’t :) thats the beauty of art. Don’t worry about what other people think of what you think – just focus on the experience of seeing new things and the appreciation will come from that and you’ll probably appreciate it (or not) more than the people who appear to be well versed anyway.

    Great photos as usual, I love the colours especially.

    1. Thanks for the boost of confidence, Rhianne! My concern stems from the fact that I’m always excited to visit but then leave very much underwhelmed most of the time. I suppose I need to accept that I don’t always have to be inspired or wowed or GET IT just because it’s art… :)

    1. Thanks, Anna! Those are the mailboxes of the building – I find mailboxes irresistible! :D Also, just wanted to let you know that my letter is on its way, I hope it reaches you soon!

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