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  1. Ah these are so fun to see, just got back from a trip to Singapore myself am currently sorting through my photos :) I made sure to check out Haji lane, inspired by yourself and your pretty photos :) So thanks!

  2. Perhaps I went at the wrong time (November) but the sky during my trip were mostly gray. This makes me want to go again. The clouds look more like cotton in your picture. So soft and beautiful. <3

    1. I was there in February and believe me, it rained almost every afternoon! The clouds were a pleasant surprise, which I’m certainly grateful for! :) :) :)

  3. your pics are amazing:) I am a Taiwanese. actually i don’t think Taiwan as a beautiful country till i saw your photos.
    BTW, I am preparing for student exchange to Singapore and i really nervous about the weather there. i mean Taiwan is hot enough for me. is that hotter and wetter in Singapore??

    1. Hello! Thank you for your compliment and I think it might be the best one I’ve ever received – I hope you start seeing our little island through different eyes and find its beauty in your surroundings. :)

      It is definitely more humid in Singapore! I perspire much more easily in Singapore but then there are many air-conditioned buildings which you can escape into, so that’s nice! It rains a whole lot more in Singapore but they are often afternoon showers that are heavy but do not last very long.

      Good luck with your exchange, I hope you enjoy yourself! :) :) :)

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