Mid-Autumn Festival.


The moon will be full tonight and it will be a day to gather with friends and family as we follow the old traditions to give our thanks and pray for a plentiful harvest. We are having a long weekend starting from today – while we won’t be joining the hordes of public holiday tourists (hate crowds with a vengeance), we’re happy to be put into holiday mood for four long days! 추석 잘 보내세요~ (I miss having Korean classes, seriously!)

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    1. Hahaha,it’s been one year since my classes and now I practice by watching Korean TV shows and exchanging very basic sentences with our Korean guests at the hostel. 다시 레슨을 수강 할 수 있다면 좋아요!


      1. Haha, Korean dramas + subtitles are hands down the sole reason my elementary level Korean improved! I’d watch them and try read all the subtitles as fast as possible before the text switched.

        I had no idea you own a hostel! Just did some reading on it and it looks like such a charming place. You are quite the enterprising young woman – so cool. I would love to stop by someday when/if I ever visit Taipei with my boyfriend. Taipei is at the top of our travel wishlist!

        1. :) My friends are the ones who own it actually! I live with them and help them manage the place. It would be awesome if you could visit someday!

  1. When I popped on here to check your blog, I was not expecting to see such color! Wow. The purple is so vivid and bright! I hope you’re able to enjoy yourself this holiday weekend!

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