Indian Food.


A new Indian restaurant opened in the night market and of course we had to give it a try – I do love Indian food very much! I can’t take very spicy food but the chicken we picked was not too spicy and so full of flavor. We also ordered a dessert – the gulab jamun – but it was so sweet we had a hard time finishing up the small portion.







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  1. yummm, I love indian and spicy food which I’m sure is not as spicy as the real indian, I’m european after all, and the place we usually go is the kitschiest of the kitsch, ugly enough that nobody enters just from their looks (it’s *that* bad), so it’s kind of a secret because the food is just fantastic… these restaurant looks amazing!

    1. Ohh, I’ve always wanted to be someone who finds a small eatery/restaurant/cafe tucked into a secluded corner with no signboard and serves excellent food with no name! This one was pretty well-decorated and the food was so good! :D

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