I am waiting patiently for fall to set in properly so that I can start planting flowers again. This past summer has been indescribably hot and the weather too cruel for small plants; hopefully they will do better in these last months of the year.

Negative0-32-32(1)2Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

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  1. I love the little details in these photographs!
    I cannot imagine planting any kind of flowers during winter time here in Finland, but if you get to grow flowers then, well, you are very lucky over there! :-)

    1. Yes, your words make me feel very lucky that flowers still grow in winter here (it doesn’t get very cold at all, it doesn’t even snow on land)!

  2. I will have to rearrange the terrace for fall and winter because my succulents are getting to much water where they are now :)

    beautiful pictures <3

    1. Sometimes I get a little annoyed that the plants can’t stay where they are the prettiest because of the changes in weather, haha! I would love to have more plants indoors but then there won’t be enough light and it’d be a hassle to water.

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