Berawa Beach / Part I.


Berawa is hands down my favorite beach we went to in Bali. We arrived on a Sunday and on Sundays, Berawa becomes crowded with locals who have come to find their own beach fun instead of trying to sell you stuff. I had so much fun just watching children run and families laugh, everyone sharing some local snack. We also saw a spectacular sunset over the beautiful beach, which is always great anywhere in the world.








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10 comments on “Berawa Beach / Part I.

  1. I was recently over the water and it was amazing how all the people were happy. The ocean/sea/river/ even swimingpool makes us children again, I guess.
    btw beautiful, very climatic pictures.

    1. Just as when I am looking at your photographs and think to myself that I’ve never seen anything like it… the world is a wondrous place. :) :) :)

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