Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-21-18A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Canon FTb

And on we go to September. I had such a great time participating in the August Break last month; it gave me so much more time to go outside to take more pictures, leave comments on posts that were inspiring and, most of all, explore the Internet for other great film photography blogs – so much so that I already have a nice collection of posts saved on my reader to share in many installments of Around the World in Analogue:

– short happiness: Tainan, Taiwan
– ashore: Wabeno, Wisconsin
– Fan Ho via Shooting Film: Hong Kong (vintage)
– hey kumo: Kurashiki, Japan

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  1. It had been lovely to follow your August Break!
    Please keep on delighting us with your photographs – this one is a very good start in fact! I love the colours – red cats are some of my favourites!

    1. ♥♥♥ Thank you for your kind words, Polly! We don’t see many red cats around here so it’s always fun to spot one for pictures. I’m a little at loss going back to normal blogging after the August Break but very excited to share more photographs!

    1. :D I have a lot of fun putting these links together, Antonella, I hope you enjoying seeing the world through these bloggers’/photographers’ eyes.

  2. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed yourself in August! It must have been so awesome to finally have time to go out and do some proper analog shooting! Can’t wait for your results. Kisses.

  3. Hi Katie :)
    How are you doing? Taiwan is very hot in the summer.
    A lot of South Korea was hot.
    However, as the sudden fall has turned two in September.

    These days, traveling to Taiwan from the TV program is seen.
    The program name is “꽃보다 할배”.
    Taiwanese food, subway, I tried the tourist wants to travel to Taiwan.
    I had not yet traveled to Taiwan. I want to travel to Taiwan. Really.

    Well, I saw your August Break.
    Really cool photo taken with a film camera.
    And I was surprised at your diligence.
    One piece of each film, photo’s not easy to posting on your blog.

    I’m trying to take a picture films.
    I think the more difficult film to take pictures.
    You post on your blog, Analog seen taking pictures of people’s blogs.
    Lots of great pictures, I see people using film cameras be great.

    I have taken is seen in this blog.

    nice autumn comes :)
    안녕, 행복해 :D
    from 미례

    1. 미례 안녕 ♥

      I’ve been well and you’re right – Taiwan has been SO HOT this summer, I wonder if fall/winter is going to be extra cold this year. Hopefully it won’t be too cold for you in Korea! :)

      Recently, 꽃보다 할배 is very popular in Taiwan because they came to visit. Actually. one of the hostels they stayed at is just right across our street! Unfortunately, we did not meet any of the 할아버지~

      I am so glad you enjoy all the film photographs on my blog and the many others that can be linked from here – film is very special and I hope more and more people start to shoot film again! P.S. You have beautiful cameras! 부러워요!!

      당신도 행복해요~

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