A Few Minutes in nana & bird.


Looking back, I’m not sure why I didn’t take more photographs at nana & bird, a fashion and lifestyle concept store that occupies a small, secluded space in the pretty town of Tiong Bahru in Singapore. My friends and I loved their collection of vintage/designer dresses (albeit with high-street prices) and I was more than tempted to bring home with me a vintage knick-knack or two.


Negative0-12-09(1)2Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400, Canon FTb

12 comments on “A Few Minutes in nana & bird.

  1. What an adorable name for a store! Too bad I missed it when I was in Tiong Bahru. But that neighborhood itself is pretty interesting. Did you happen to stop by their wet market?

    1. We went to a few more places after this and had to leave for Chinatown so no, we didn’t make it to the wet market! It will go on my to-go list for the next visit! :)

  2. i love that line of ladies all wearing shorts/mini skirts along with the white buildings!
    i never take enough photos of stores,i get all shy…
    i want a katie selfie were i can see your eyes <3

    1. Me, too! Now I always ask for permission so that I will feel more at ease taking photographs. Soon I will show you my eyes in a selfie, Sara, soon. :D

  3. I used to live in Singapore and too bad I wasn’t able to go to this place. I think this is pretty near Bukit Merah, if I can remember it correctly. And same sentiments, I wish I had taken more photos when I was living there. :) Really love your photos btw!

    1. I looked up the map for a bit and yes, I think it is near Bukit Merah. I think Singapore has lots of small gems! Maybe you’ll be able to go back one day! Thank you for the photo love :)

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