10 comments on “August Break Day #13

  1. Another beautiful, spontaneous portrait.
    Are they your parents? The way they look into the camera reminds me of the way my parents do – a serious pose, almost like if they were a little scared of the camera.

    1. Thank you Polly – yes these are my parents! I took this at my sister’s graduation and there’s another one in which my father is wearing my sister’s mortarboard and they’re both much more relaxed in that photograph.

      Exactly like you say, my parents find “posing” for the camera quite a serious affair, I often have to remind them to “smile naturally”, hahaha!

    1. Hahaha, I think it is a very different experience – for me – taking photographs of my parents on film; images that I know will last a very long time and with a medium I take very seriously. So much love and respect flows from the action of pressing the shutter, instead of randomly snapping away with a digital/phone camera. :) I love film.

      1. i love film too!! yeah:)
        Film has made me much more sensitive,instead of just randomly pressing the shutter,taking millions of pics and storing them God know where. Now i know where each of my printed prints are.
        Film is yeeahhh!!:)

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