Treasure Hill in Redscale.


When my friend Angela visited earlier this year, she wanted to go to Treasure Hill (寶藏巖) and of course I had to tag along to one of my favorite spots in Taipei. If you check out my older pictures taken at Treasure Hill the last two times, you’ll notice that one of the amazing things about this place is that there are just so many nooks and crannies to explore. I used up another roll of Redscale XR, thinking that I might duplicate the blue tones the film produced the last time round. I was not successful but love these anyway, can’t wait to share more soon!









Negative0-08-09(1)Lomography Redscale XR, Pentax K1000

2 comments on “Treasure Hill in Redscale.

    1. I fell in love with that succulent arrangement too :)

      I think you’d be able to take great portraits and city scenes with this film!

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