August Break Starts Tomorrow.

Negative0-40-40(1)2Kodak Gold 100 (expired), Pentax K1000

The August Break holds a special place in my heart because it was during then, when I first participated two years ago, that I started to post my film photography when this blog was still about curating pretty things on the Internet. The project gave me a specific outlet to put my photography out there and it was the best thing that happened to me, blog-wise. I’ve even created a couple of spin-offs – Lunar New Year Break(s), Spring Break – which serve the same purpose for me as August Break does: to take time away from the computer.

This year Susannah has included a list of daily photo prompts which I intend to follow through; it has been incredibly fun sieving through my photographs for ones that match. I have scheduled all August Break posts in advance so technically I won’t be doing any blogging but I’ve given myself a little challenge in the mean time. Five cameras from my little collection have been loaded with films and I hope to be able to develop at least one roll from each camera by the end of August. I tend to use the Pentax or Canon so much more than the others, it’d be good to use this break to add a bit of variety.

One roll per camera doesn’t sound too hard; maybe I could even manage two! I’ll still be around reading your lovely blogs and replying to comments when I’m not outside taking photographs. Do check out the August Break page and let me know if you’re joining in as well!


Negative0-15-15(1)2Kodak Gold 200, Pentax K1000

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  1. I’ve decided to try it too! well, my own way of course… I’m just the worst when it comes to challenges, but it looks like it might be just inspiration and not strict rules.

    1. That’s the great thing about it – you can start/end any time you like and generally no rules about how to go about doing it. I like to use the chance to post photographs that would otherwise not make it to the blog! I’ll have so much more time for blog reading, too – excited to see your August Break posts, Tanit! :)

  2. I’m participating too! Though I’m posting my pictures on Instagram because I already have a ton of blog posts lined up for August. I’ll probably add them to the flickr group too. I’m going to use my digital camera though – if you can believe it I need to slow down with taking photos on film because I have film just waiting to get developed and posted, but my DSLR sits gathering dust.

    1. I’ve been thinking about joining in on Instagram, too – who knows, I just might be inspired enough! :)

      Haha, film does that to you, doesn’t it? It’d definitely be great for you to go back to digital once in a while to balance it out.

  3. Hi, do you have any tips on how to store/keep your others cameras when you don’t use them? Like from what you said in this post, you tend to use Pentax and Canon more. How about old cameras like Yashica? I heard that it will have fungus on the lens if we did not store it well. Thanks!

    1. To be completely honest, I leave my cameras everywhere around the house. They get dusty quickly but not prone to fungus because I don’t live in a very humid/hot environment. I’d definitely suggest that you purchase a dry box for your cameras: – it might be time for me to invest in one, too, I need to take better care of my cameras! :)

  4. Oh this sounds interesting!
    maybe i can participate and still do my usual posts… i will be working (buuuh for that) during all August!
    i love all the brands of coffee you have there ahahah Mr Brown is <3

    1. You can twist August Break to the way that is convenient for you, that’s the beauty of it!

      Mr Brown looks smug about his coffee, doesn’t he? :D The one pictured is a triple sec hazelnut latte, so good against hot weather.

  5. Oh my, the whole idea sounds fantastic! I’m worried I don’t have enough pictures to participate though! maybe next year? yes, definitely next year when I get some more pictures developed over that time! :D

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