Arriving in Bali / Part I.


For a camera that I know for a fact that I absolutely love using, I have way too few photographs to prove it with the Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim. I managed almost three rolls while we vacationed in Bali and can’t wait to share them on the blog.

These are from when we just arrived at the villa we were staying at (of which I have took no pictures because really, as pretty as the place is, there is really no point because the ones to showcase the villa are the ones they post on their own website anyway) and walking to our first beach in Bali. We stayed in a “traditional Balinese village” which translates into “remote village which you can’t actually leave on foot” but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the rice fields, grass-grazing cows and local children playing along the road. I took several walks during our stay and it was just the best thing to be away from the city for a little bit.





Negative0-32-5A(1)Agfa Vista Plus 400, Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim

8 comments on “Arriving in Bali / Part I.

  1. Bali must be a great place for vacation :)

    i love the photo of your friends walking and that kickin’ flare – it looks like a cd cover <3 eheh

    1. Bali is great once you’re familiar with its nuances; then perhaps one won’t always be afraid of “getting ripped off” as a tourist. It has its appeal and I hope I was able to capture it with my photographs… :)

      UWS has the most awesome flare, I snap as many photographs of the sun’s face as possible!

  2. Yes I love that camera (my fav toy camera!) I lost a pink one, I bought in Japan and I have just acquired a new gold one waiting patiently with a brand new roll in, for a nice sunny day :)

    1. I completely agree – as long as you don’t try to take too many close-ups (which I always tried to do at the beginning…) you can’t fail with this camera. :)

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