11 comments on “Two Kinds of Coasters.

    1. I cannot imagine giving up coffee, ever! :)

      Thank you, Quenby, you did send me a link via email – great job with the blog, I’m really honored to be part of it. :)

  1. beautiful coasters and good looking café,making me want to drink it all ( ahaha true addict here)

    Happy, Happy birthday Katie <3 hope your day will be great!

  2. You must have the world’s best collection of cafe/coffee cup images. I love all of them! :)

    I just picked up a Canon FTb thanks in large part to your blog & the research it enabled me to do. I understand why you shot with it so much, I haven’t touched any of my digital cameras since getting it. Love it.

    1. Hi Yumi,

      That’s such great news to hear! I hopped over to your blog and see that you’ve made lovely photographs with your FTb – it is the easiest to use, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see more of your photography, I will definitely be following along your analogue journey. :)

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