Taipei Children’s Recreation Center / Part I.


I was very fortunate to be in the presence of a school outing on a weekday at the Taipei Children’s Recreation Center (臺北市立兒童育樂中心), it was pretty cool to have actual children in photographs taken at a Children’s Recreation Center (I was afraid it was going to quiet). Also, if you look closely in the last picture, you might spot a rainbow casted on the miniature waterfall.









Negative0-05-02(1)Ferrania Solaris 100, Canon FTb

6 comments on “Taipei Children’s Recreation Center / Part I.

  1. Lovely images, your blog is very inspiring! Just yesterday I ordered some lomography film (didn’t know it existed before trawling your blog) so thank-you for providing awesome resources and information :) Can’t wait until my film arrives!

  2. I’ve only discovered your blog yesterday but I’ve been into lomography for some time! Definitely going to visit you often! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SO MUCH INSPIRATION.

    1. Hi Cadd!

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your film photography! :)

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