Treellage Life Café / 樹樂集.


The first time I planned to visit Trellage Life Cafe (樹樂集), it wasn’t opened even though it should have been; I made a call, standing outside the cafe, and saw the boss pick up the phone. There was a last minute “thing”, I don’t remember what reason I was given but I left disappointed. The next time I went I had no expectations of the cafe except the immense need to actually be there simply because I’d failed to the last time.

I ended up really, really liking it. Trellage has the most comprehensive and well-curated handmade goods for sale – they even have their own name for the space: The Canvas. The second level of the small building houses The Stage, providing a venue for independent live house music bands.







Negative0-36-32A(1)Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

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