Mimi Doesn’t Like The Camera.


I just adore how grumpy Mimi is caught on camera in the first picture! She’s not a fan of keeping her face straight for her photograph to be taken and usually we need to throw words of seduction like “food!” or “let’s go for a walk!” at her to get her attention. I guess the promises turned out empty way too many times for her to even want to listen anymore. She has such a great face for the camera, though, don’t you agree?


Negative0-05-02(1)bEfiniti UXI Super 200, Canon FTb

8 comments on “Mimi Doesn’t Like The Camera.

  1. Mimi may not like the camera, but the camera definitely likes her! She’s so photogenic indeed! The first picture kills me! Too bad I can never get my dogs to wear anything!

    1. She actually has shoes (sneakers that she doesn’t wear anymore) but I think clothes are more than enough. Shoes are a bit overboard…:)

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