Kampong Buangkok / Part III.


I hope you aren’t tired of my Kampong Buangkok pictures yet – the place is so wonderfully nostalgic that it would be hard not to use up an entire roll of film. This last set wraps up our afternoon spent at the village, do go over to Evelyn’s – I just adore her perspective for the details I wish I had noticed.











Negative0-15-23(1)Kodak Ektar 100, Canon FTb

Please click here for other pictures of Kampong Buangkok, Singapore.

6 comments on “Kampong Buangkok / Part III.

      1. Thanks Sara!

        xy – Thanks for thanking on my behalf! lol! By the way, you have all these details that I missed too. So likewise regarding the sentiments about perspective.

  1. This pictures are beautiful! I’ve never been to Singapore but I would love to go one day, and I got a bit of a feel of the sights and the culture from these shots!

    1. Hi Narise,

      Actually this is a very unique part of Singapore – most of it is covered with modern buildings. For some reason, this old village has survived demolition for now so I hope you can go before it’s gone! :)

      1. Ah, I see! I have to say a more urban, modern Singapore was moreso the stronger image I had! It seems a shame that these types of traditional (?) villages are slowly disappearing.

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