Happy Weekend.

Negative0-10-6A(1)Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

This weekend I’m excited about planning what new seeds, flowers and succulents to plant for the summer and my solo two-day trip to Tainan on Sunday! I plan to take many pictures. :)

P.S. I can’t remember how many months apart these two photographs were taken but nobody at the flower markets told me the succulent would grow so rampantly and one day bear such pretty flowers. The picture below was probably taken at least three weeks back and it’s now fully covered in tiny yellow blooms. I can’t wait to plant more succulents this year – they seem to be all the rage these days!

Negative0-18-16A(1)Lomography CN 800, Zenit TTL

5 comments on “Happy Weekend.

  1. succulents are so easy to take care of and you can simply cut a branch of one of them and put in in another pot and you get two succulents :D
    I did that yesterday:took little branches from the bigger ones and put them in a lot of small cute containers!
    Hope i can develop the film this week,so i can show it*

    Have a nice trip and hope the weekend was wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much, Sara – I did have a very nice trip and look forward to getting my film back tonight! I hope you are having a good time “holidaying” for the week, in your own city! :)

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