Apr 12

Rokucyoume Café in Half Frames.


The first post on Rokucyoume Cafe (六丁目cafe) can be found here. We had such good natural light that day, it definitely shows in these pictures. I don’t use the Golden Half as much as I’d like to mainly because it takes extra long for me to use up 72 frames but also because it’s too much of a daylight camera. In the right sunlight, though, it makes mindless snapping so much fun.

P.S. We’re off to our vacation in Bali tomorrow so I’m going to schedule a few wordless posts until we return, I hope to come back with lots of pictures. In the mean time, keep shooting film!

Negative0-19-14(1)Agfa Vista Plus 200, Golden Half



  1. Sara says:

    have a sweet vacation!

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