Restore Living.


A couple of days ago, we received a reservation inquiry for the hostel from Tiffany, who mentioned in her email that she is a reader of this blog. Incidentally, Tiffany works for Restore (and shoots film!), one of the places I visited in Singapore in February. It was perfect timing to drive me into organizing pictures into posts from that trip and so we shall start with this little cozy cafe  – a coffee and vintage furniture shop. I ordered my first ever piccolo latte (which is essentially a baby latte, of which we don’t have a culture to serve here in Taiwan), watched the rain fall and dreamed of bringing all those adorable restored furniture back to Taipei with me.








Negative0-03-32A(1)Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

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  1. As I’ve already told you, I really like the warm tones of these, esp that first picture! If you remember, my Restore pics turned out all wrong, and that’s when I decided to change photo lab.

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