Daytrip to Yilan – Luodong Sports Park.


I’m ashamed to say that nine months after our daytrip to Yilan I’m still not done blogging about it. And here I am feeling woeful that the ten rolls of film I sent in today taken during our vacation in Bali will only be ready for collection tomorrow. Tomorrow is so far away! Anyway, the 47-hectare Luodong Sports Park (羅東運動公園) is not so much a tourist attraction than it is residents’ welfare but I definitely recommend that if you do visit, take some time to walk or bike around the park – it is wonderful for a city person like myself to be able to immense in so much greenery.






Negative0-10-09(1)Fujifilm Superia 200, Canon FTb

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  1. I went back and looked at other Yilan photos … I remember most of them! I saw the doctor fish post. That’s not something I have ever done but, given the opportunity, I definitely would! Granted, I would be laughing hysterically the entire time, given the sensation. :) These, though, are so green and relaxing. It makes me want for summer (before the terrible humidity sets in, that is).

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