Around The World in Analogue.

Negative0-33-02(1)Kodak Gold 200, Canon FTb

There has always been a little hole in my analogue heart that I started way too late. Before I fell in love with film photography in 2011, I, like so many others, took photographs with a digital camera. Nothing fancy at all, just regular Canon point-and-shoots because I couldn’t afford a DSLR. The pictures I had taken were mediocre at best and despite how hard I tried, they had no soul. But it was also before 2011 that I went traveling much more than I do now. There was Hong Kong, there was Tokyo, there was Bangkok and there was San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vegas. There was also Penghu and Green Island, Taiwanese offshore islands that we escaped to. Those trips to amazing places before I shot film make up that little hole in my analogue heart.

And so, I save these beautiful posts to look at over and again, bittersweet:

– schorlemädchen: USA
– jollygoo: Yanaka
– The Present Is: Hong Kong
– green tea fields: Bangkok
– *カタコト: Penghu

Perhaps I shall visit these places again some day, perhaps I won’t. Who is to say? In the mean time, I shall take my camera with me, wherever. (Photograph above taken along Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.)

9 comments on “Around The World in Analogue.

  1. i regret myself 99% of the times i don’t carry my camera with me…
    i’m sure you are still going to make great travels and record it all in film :)

  2. in my recent travels, i could not use my film cams.Twas a sad week.
    The blog links are awesome…gonna be a long week going through all of them:) Thank you.

  3. I too regret picking up film photography too late, I used to travel a lot with my family while now I’m always stuck in the city working.

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time but somehow never happened to comment, so I’ll take the opportunity to tell you that I really like your pictures, they’re all wonderful! I love looking at the photos of all the pretty cafès you explore! Too bad we don’t have such cozy places around here!

    Have a lovely day,


    1. Hello Cecilia,

      Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment! :) I’ve also followed your previous blog for some time and will continue to catch up with your lovely photography at your new one. Nice to meet you!

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