The Last of March.


March arrived quickly and stayed for a bit longer than how the last few months felt; I enjoyed that. I am also kind of glad to see it go, too, because we have some really awesome plans lined up for the next three months, starting with a week-long trip to Bali in the middle of April. I’m still not completely sure if I want to pack the LC-A+ or the Ultra Wide and Slim but I’ll definitely be bringing my new baby, the Pentax K1000.

I’ve had a few emails asking how I compare the Pentax K1000 to the Canon FTb – although I am not entirely ready to say that I won’t change my mind but the Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 lens really does produce the kind of muted saturation I’ve always tried to achieve with the Canon (FD 50mm f/1.8). Also, I find it sharper than my Canon lens but that could just be a difference in condition, they are after all second-hand lenses. Camera-wise, they basically work exactly the same way (both very, very easy to pick, that’s for sure) except that the mechanics of the FTb feels smoother and generally more well-made. However, the K1000 is a little bit smaller, which is a great size for girls.

I usually prefer to post pictures chronologically but decided to throw some made by the K1000 into the mix – I’m just still really stoked about the fresh point of view using a new camera gives and wanted to share some thoughts. I can’t wait for this camera to go to Bali with me! I’ve shot six rolls on it so far but definitely need a few more before deciding if it’s going to be my new go-to camera.




Negative0-05-33(1)2Lomography CN 400, Pentax K1000

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    1. I hope to, someday! f/1.2 lenses are an absolute dream to use but a little heavy on the pocket! I’ll definitely keep looking for a deal. Lovely portrait, by the way! :)

  1. So excited to have discovered your blog. I started shooting film late last year and your photos inspire me to be diligent with it – it’s definitely a labor of love compared to the ease of shooting digital. It’s getting harder and harder with photo labs closing up all over town but the end result is worth it. The first shot of your pup is beautiful – amazing colors.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Hi Yumi, thank you for your kind words! I agree with you completely, it is definitely a labor of love. When that becomes a habit you cannot quit, it gets even better! Looking forward to seeing your film photography featured on your blog. :)

    1. You’re right, Sara, I fell in love with so many pictures made with this camera that I had to get one for myself!

      And Mimi says thanks! :)

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