Taipei Zoo / Part III.


I sneaked in a couple of photographs of an elephant defecating and then putting everything back into its own mouth, I hope you don’t mind. It was such a laugh, many families were gathered around the elephants when it happened and the children squealed with mock fear and real delight.













Negative0-16-10A(1)Agfa Vista Plus 100, Canon FTb

Please click here for other pictures of the Taipei Zoo.

6 comments on “Taipei Zoo / Part III.

  1. Well, if that isn’t full-circle, then I don’t know what is. :) Actually, I am amused by your including them. The stance the elephant has in that first photo of him is hilarious. It’s inappropriate and yet perfect for an early morning laugh. That zoo looks beautiful! WOW. It’s so green, and I love all the rocks that are everywhere, especially with the giraffes. Certainly beats our grassy, boring Midwestern zoos… I’ll just have to come and visit yours. And then we can go over by the elephants and stand there and laugh and watch them be ridiculous.

    1. Even though you say that, I’d still love to visit your Midwestern zoos, I’m pretty the selection of animals are very different! :) And, yes, one day you’ll have to visit Taiwan!

  2. Hello.
    Thank you for visiting my blog(^o^)/
    Your pictures are lovely too! I love shooting using ISO 100 film.
    I want to try this “Agfa Vista Plus 100” for the first time.

  3. good thing you’ve put that warning! i was just eating in front of my pc when i visited your blog so i just had to skip the elephant picture part. i’ll visit again when i’m not eating! the other pictures are very pretty though. and I’m amazed you’re using an ISO 100. whenever i use iso 100 film, my pictures are really dark.

    1. Haha, I’m really sorry! I hope it did not affect your meal. :) Actually, 100 speed film in bright daylight is one of my favorite combinations!

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