Spring is Beginning.


Last year, we joined thousands of people in Taichung for cherry-blossoms-viewing on a private plot of land newly opened to the public. This year, we decided to stay in Taipei, specifically Wulai (烏來), at which I spent a really lovely afternoon. I’ll share those pictures soon but here are some equally glorious blooms spotted in Gongguan (公館) while I was taking a walk trying to finish up the last of this particular roll of film. Happy Spring, everyone, even if it still doesn’t feel like it!



Negative0-06-31A(1)Ferrania Solaris 100, Canon FTb

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  1. 到烏來看櫻花一定非常漂亮!我組天看了我的烏來拍的照片的時候,我想游泳溫泉 :) 冬天不想去,春天還沒來 :(

    To shoot photos of Sakura in Stockholms Kungsträdgården (Kings garden) is one of first activities i undertake that marks that winter is coming to an end. It is so nice when you can sit there with a take-away cup and let the sun rays warm you.


  2. So pretty! So very pretty. There is a magnolia (I think) tree in my front yard, but it is nowhere near blooming. In fact, we’re supposed to get 6 to 10 inches of snow over the weekend! Crazy! But thank you for posting these. Every time I see pink flowers and blossoms, I always think of this blog. :)

    1. It is crazy how it’s still snowing everywhere! I can’t wait for your magnolia tree to bloom (even if it’s not) – they will make lovely pictures! And thank you so much, for keeping this little blog on your mind! :)

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