On Taking Photos.

Negative0-03-35A(1)Kodak Gold 200, Zenit TTL

I was speaking to a Spanish guest at the hostel about using film exclusively when he asked me, “Why are you such a purist?” – not the least bit rude but perhaps a little amused. It’s funny because I have never and would never consider myself a “purist” – let’s not argue about the definition of the word here – simply because the term suggests possessing a great deal of knowledge on a subject or skill. Incidentally, around the same time the conversation happened, I was doing a little bit of research on medium format photography and learning both big and small ways in which its quality is unparalleled (by 35mm photography, obviously). There is just so much professional knowledge out there that surely it is unacceptable for myself or anyone else who doesn’t possess that knowledge to call me a purist just because I own a few analogue cameras.

This was not meant to be a rant; it wasn’t meant to be anything at all, really. I’ve just had a lot of thoughts on taking pictures lately, mostly about being amateur, being better and being happy with it.

P.S. That is a picture of a picture of the resident cat at Zabu, which slipped through the cracks the last time round.

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  1. Even if I solely used 35mm film, I’d never call myself a purist. There’s SO much to know about film and the research is endless. I do film because I find it more personal than digital. There’s more dedication and patience required.

    1. I completely agree with you and just wanted to let you know I love your photos on film! I feel like they are so “you” and I’m so glad you are getting such a great start with it. Can’t wait for more. :)

  2. My boyfriend sometimes calls me a purist just because I appreciate photos produced by film better than digital. But he was just making fun of me. And yeah, film photography is such a vast field! You mentioning a medium format, are you getting one by any chance soon?

    1. I have been scouring the Internet for a good deal but the truth is developing costs are still a bit too much for me doing this on the side. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to say no when the right deal comes along, though! :)

    1. Hi! My local lab develops my film and scans them into CDs for me, your local lab should be able to provide the same service too. Hope that helps! :)

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