Stop The Car For a Picture.


On the way to our next destination, I made my friends stop the car so that I could take a picture of the beautiful houses in the middle of the fields. It’s just one of those things I’d like to remember with my camera and not want to regret not stopping for that moment.

Negative0-02-01(1)Fujifilm Superia 200, Canon FTb

4 comments on “Stop The Car For a Picture.

  1. I’ve had to ask my friends or fiance t stop the car before, just so I can take a picture. Once, I did not … and I still regret it. I think about that deserted rocking chair, in the middle of nowhere, every now and then. Sigh–the picture that got away. :) I’m glad you were able to stop and take this one, though! I like the creek right next to the road. It’s be nice to bike along something like that. And I’m naively assuming that houses like that are uncommon in the fields?

    1. Oh no, on the contrary, they are very common in fields in the countryside. They are, however, uncommon in the city so they always look so welcoming to us city kids. :)

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