Lunar New Year Break Day #8








Negative0-08-06(1)Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400, Canon FTb

2 comments on “Lunar New Year Break Day #8

  1. HI! I love how your night pictures turned out– especially the ones overlooking all the buildings. :)
    I was just wondering– since I don’t take night film pictures cause I’m not a big fan of flashes and I’m scared that the pictures won’t turn out well due to lack of light– did you use the bulb setting + tripod for these pictures, or just a super super big aperture and slow shutter speed? :)
    I loooove looove your blog, btw :) hihi.

    1. Hi Magarita,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m too lazy to own a flash or tripod so most of the time when I really have to take pictures at night I just kind of wing it with the slowest shutter speed I can go, which is about 1/15. I hopped over to your blog and really enjoy your pictures, keep blogging! :)

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