Dwelling Café / 這宅咖啡.


Although widely known as the home ground of independent coffee shops. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Yongkang commercial district (永康街). Before the Taipei Metro Dongmen Station was opened, the district was highly inaccessible and if you needed to go to the area, your options were either walking for at least 15 minutes from Guting Station or taking a taxi. I never bothered with it very much but since the new subway station basically sits at the entrance of the Yongkang area, I decided it was time for a little exploration.

There are many, many people who love Yongkang Street and I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but golly, I just don’t see myself falling in love with this place. I suppose you could say the cafes, boutiques and book shops are unique in their own right but the atmosphere, described by many as laid back and literary, bordered on pretentious for me.

That being said, Dwelling Cafe (這宅咖啡) was one of the few shops I was glad to find. The weather was beautiful and I really wanted a cute outdoor seat (as opposed to many of the dark, emo coffee shops people like to label cool…). The sunlight flowed across the ground so magnificently, I wish I had better means to capture the image so that maybe you could imagine bathing in the warmth, too.





Negative0-28-11A(1)Kodak ProFoto XL 100, Canon FTb

4 comments on “Dwelling Café / 這宅咖啡.

  1. I was smiling to myself as I read this because what you were describing to me reminded me of areas in the U.S. that are labeled as “hipster” for very much the same reason. “Hipster” and “pretentious” are often synonymous, though the word “hipster” is so stereotypical now that I don’t even think it has a real impact anymore. That said, your coffee looks delicious. And I love those blue tights! Seems very suitable for a bright, sunny day.

    1. Yeah, we have another term in Taiwan called “文青”, which is the “hipster” equivalent for those “cool” people involved in the subculture. It bugs the hell out of me how pretentious it all gets!

      P.S. The coffee was so good.

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