Zizhu Village in Kaohsiung in Redscale.


When I first got these pictures back, I was a little concerned with how red they are, especially since I choose to use Lomography Redscale XR for the fact that it’s less consistent in its redness compared to other redscale film. I enjoy these quite a bit, though, they look like they are set in an eternal sunset.



Negative0-40-36A(1)Lomography Redscale XR, Lomo LC-A+

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7 comments on “Zizhu Village in Kaohsiung in Redscale.

  1. I actually really like redscale. It is so different than what we are used to. We understand that when we take a picture with regular color negative film, that it will come out looking much like it does in real life. With different colors, however, we’re always left wondering what other-worldly, eerie, or intriguing results we’ll get.

    1. You’ve always been so much more adventurous with film than I am, Dawn! :) I tend to over think it a little bit, I am usually more inclined to have regular color memories of a place I don’t to visit often but you know what, I am having a lot of fun with redscale and black&white film when I just let it all go! :)

  2. It indeed looks like sunset!

    Quite funny though, I am debating which camera to get that has the greatest image quality and I would never even think about using e.g. a redscale (I would edit it later) :o

    1. Ooh, for a long time, neither did I! I always appreciated colors more than anything else but I’ve found that it adds to the surprise element of film photography, after a while things can get repetitive if you keep using the same kinds of film.

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