Wet Market.


These were taken at the traditional wet market just a few minutes from our place more than six months ago when we had just moved. I guess I’ve been kinda hoarding them – much like how long I took to share these – because I really, really like the tones, activity and authenticity in these pictures. They are a very real reflection of life and I was pretty stoked that I managed not to care too much about what the elderly might have thought of me lugging around an old camera (that they don’t even want) and taking pictures of them shopping for groceries.







Negative0-11-3A(1)Kodak UltraMax 400, Zenit TTL

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  1. Nice pictures! This is the first time I am going to criticize one of the pictures, but I would really chop off that yellow part in the first picture!
    Otherwise, no offense!, and still great pictures :3

    1. No worries, none taken! It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, surely, but I enjoy these burned effect of film that happens often to the first picture of a roll. In fact, they are often one of my favorites of the lot, I like how naturally the picture was ruined :D

  2. hi! i love your pictures (also in your other posts)! they’re all pretty and colorful! <3 now i want to get myself a vintage camera too.
    what I have now is just a plastic toy camera (the juice box camera) and a vivitar ez35 and most of the time the results are dark and underexposed, i thought it's because of the film that i used (usually kodak with iso 200 and 400) but when i saw your pictures i don't know anymore.. hehe..

    keep up the good work and keep livening the film photographers in us! <3 ^_^

    1. Hi ahomira! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoy the pictures. Toy cameras are tricky, they’re easy and super fun but there is always a risk in the quality of the pictures taken. That is really one of the biggest reasons I ventured into using vintage SLRs, because I was expecting so much more of film photography. Toy cameras are a great way to start and I think you’re definitely ready for “serious” cameras when you find yourself unsatisfied with the results toy cams produce. Keep shooting film!

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