Family on Film – The Wedding.

img103I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these photos of not just my parents’ wedding in 1984 but of their happy faces before they embarked on the rest of their lives together. As I’m typing this I realize that next year will be their 30th year together, isn’t it just amazing?





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  1. its my parents 30th anniversary soon too, they look so young in their photos, its amazing.

    I love these too, I love the ruffles on the dresses and the lovely little gloves too.

    1. Congrats on your parents’ 30th anniversary! :) I know what you mean, it’s funny to think that my mom was my age in this photos…

      I need to ask her if she kept those gloves, they’re so dainty!

  2. My parents completed 23 years a few days ago. These photos are lovely! Six years apart & in completely different countries, but I love how they’re quite similar to my own parents wedding photos.
    You’ve inspired me to share them too! Now sitting & scanning is the hard part. :)

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